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Every Sunday

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Meeting at 11am with around 100 people attending.  Members participate in the prayers and reading.

The use of multi-media format and paying for copyright license releases us from the restrictions of having to stick to certain hymnbooks.  In this way we can maintain a diet of worship of old and new songs recognising the work of the Holy Spirit in worship through all generations.

On occasions we have visiting speakers who take part in services. Holy Communion takes place every second month during the morning service. Our morning services are streamed live to our Facebook Page and Church website. These can also be watched back at any time. 

Sunday Evening Fellowship

Sunday Evening Fellowship

This is an informal service is held in the Church Centre with up to 30 people attending often including children.  A band leads worship and the preaching/leading works on a rota basis.  This allows people to discover and develop their gifts.  There is opportunity for everyone to contribute in the service. Holy Communion takes place every second month during this service.


First Sunday
Prayer Together

A service with prayer at the top of the agenda – could include sharing of concerns, creative forms of prayer, prayers for healing.

Second Sunday
Worship Together

A service with sung worship at the top of the agenda, with time during the service to share coffee and cake together. Could include Communion

Third Sunday
Grow Together

A service designed and led by the under 30s (but not only for under 30s!).

Fourth Sunday
Eat Together

A meal together for the first part of the evening, followed by a service with worship and teaching.

Fifth Sunday
Week off

In months where there are 5 Sundays in the month, there will be no service

Friday Nights

Young People’s Activities

Young People’s Activities

Youth Fellowship
On Zoom at 7.30pm for P6 – S6. Contact Karyn for more information 

Boys Brigade and Girls Association
Anchor and Junior Sections 6pm – 7:30pm Company and Senior Sections 7:30 – 9pm




John & Janet’s 7.30pm. Contact Janet

Daytime Group – 1.30pm. Contact John Notman on 01387 253043 for more details or to book a place.

Jock and Katy’s – 7pm contact Jock
Stuart and Sheila – 7.30pm. Contact Sheila N.
Brian and Kyla – 7.30pm  Contact Brian

Other Events

This Week

11am Sunday 24th July 2022 Sunday Worship Together There will be no evening service. 11am Sunday 31st July 2022 Sunday Worship Together There will be no evening service.

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