Facebook Live Video Embed Instructions

1. Create and schedule the Live Stream event in Facebook Live Producer, or 3rd party studio software such as Streamyard, Zoom, or OBS, etc. Post to any public Facebook Page or Group you are an Admin for.

1. Go to the Scheduled Live Stream post. Click “3 dots” on the post to see the Embed code link. In the Embed code find and copy the story_fbid number.

Note: Beware of FB embed code from pre-live post – displays some very undesirable “other live streams to watch”. Use the embed tool here instead: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/embedded-posts/

2. Open the Module below in Text mode to see the Facebook Live Stream Embed Code previously used.

3. Replace the current story_fbid with story_fbid from the relevant live stream embed code.

For example: replace story_fbid=2752936025006312 with story_fbid=2757039804595934

Now…hide this Text Module (Advanced Tab, Visibility)