Sunday Evening Fellowship

This is an informal service is held in the Church Centre with up to 30 people attending often including children.  A band leads worship and the preaching/leading works on a rota basis.  This allows people to discover and develop their gifts.  There is opportunity for everyone to contribute in the service. Holy Communion takes place every second month during this service.


First Sunday
Pray Together

A service with prayer at the top of the agenda – could include sharing of concerns, creative forms of prayer, prayers for healing.

Second Sunday
Worship Together

A service with sung worship at the top of the agenda, with time during the service to share coffee and cake together. Could include Communion

Third Sunday
Grow Together

A service designed and led by the under 30s (but not only for under 30s!).

Fourth Sunday
Eat Together

A meal together for the first part of the evening, followed by a service with worship and teaching.

Fifth Sunday
Week off

In months where there are 5 Sundays in the month, there will be no service