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Our Link with Divine Destiny Church , Kigali, Rwanda has been summarised by their pastor Joel Sengoga thus:-

“When we first came into contact with Troqueer Parish in 2007, Divine Destiny Church was meeting in a home; today we have nine church congregations in different parts of our country. A graduate from our leadership-training centre launched the most recent of the churches, on Sunday, 5th August 2018 in Nyamata town Bugesera district” (a township with two genocide museums so badly was it affected – our note.). “Over 43 youngsters have been enabled to go to school with thirteen of them, in or finishing tertiary education. 32 cows and 26 goats have been given to poor families. All these people have been impacted as a result of the love and generosity of the members of Troqueer Parish. These people’s lives will not be the same. Besides all the above we have received financial support for the general operations of the church and the wellbeing of the pastors. We could not have walked this journey alone”.

For our part – when we first visited Joel Sengoga’s church in Rwanda raw memories of the genocide were obvious in some of the faces of adults as well as in the memorials and scarred buildings.  Near the Ugandan border, in part of the previous wildlife park, returning refugees lived in traditional thatched wattle huts in with no access to electricity; they walked hours each day for water. Each time we have visited there have been great improvements all over the country and Kigali is now a thriving modern capital city. Their experience made some Rwandans wary of organised religion but thankfully the independent church Joel has established is managing to reach out to, support and help the local populations in several areas of this small, densely populated, country.

The Divine Destiny Ministries readily accessible facebook page page testifies vividly to the vibrancy of their worship and preaching and is well worth a visit. Much of that content was recorded in the very basic rented building opposite Kigali Airport from which, sadly, they have been excluded – by government regulations – for some 18 months now. We continue to uphold them in their quandary.

Joel summarised things in this way:-

“I must confess though that we as the Church in Rwanda to a great extent are to blame for the mess that the government is trying to clean up. The scourge of “prosperity gospel” where the core of preaching reflects the motivations to crave for money, power and fame, seen by our government as exploitation of the masses has reached unbearable proportions thus warranting restrictions. My consolation is that “there can never be counterfeits of anything without the authentic version of it”.  God has a plan for His in Rwanda and giving up on planting churches is not an option for us.

Please continue to pray for us as we weather through the storms. We love you and are so proud to serve the Lord with you. Peace be with you

Yours in His service,

Joel Sengoga”