Praise Group

Praise and worship is a big part in the life of Troqueer Church! We believe that congregational worship should be exactly that – a time where the whole congregation should express together their praise to God.

The Praise Group was originally formed way back in 1990 with a group of people getting together to learn ‘special’ songs for particular occasions.

We hope that together we can develop our singing skills, and over the years we have been able to increase the variety and complexity of the material we use, stretching the musical ability of each individual, although having a ‘musical ability’ is not one of the requisites for joining, only that you love to praise the Lord.

Over the years people come and go (and come again!), and we have been involved in many different things. We have sung in the congregation, in the streets, and have been invited to sing to other groups and fellowship meetings.

We have also put on various productions (especially at Christmas) where we have invited people from other fellowships to join us, and some have stayed on with us afterwards to become more regular members. This is always a great blessing.


If you enjoy singing and would like to know more, please contact


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