House Groups

A feature of Troqueer Church over the years has been the existence of a variety of small groups – often, meeting in people’s homes, sometimes meeting in the Church Centre – some continuing over many years, some perhaps running for just a few months for the purpose of completing a particular study (it might be a 10-week course using DVDs, or perhaps a particular group study book.)


Each group is different, but the general pattern is to have informal discussion around an agreed topic (maybe a Christian theme, or a book of the Bible), with people free to ask questions in a relaxed, informal setting with a few other folk from the church: a “safe” environment where no question is considered too “silly” to ask, or free to just listen to the conversation; there will be informal prayer- and some people have found that small groups have provided just the right environment for taking the first tentative steps in praying! – and there is usually a chance to unwind with a cup of tea or coffee, and sometimes even cake!! A small number of groups currently exist and we’d like to have more, because it’s a practical way of helping people to get to know and support each other, and for the church to grow together. Groups usually meet weekly, but they could meet fortnightly or even monthly, and there are usually breaks during the holiday periods. Sometimes groups may choose not to meet for a while if something else is organised by the church (for example, teaching courses using DVDs in the Church Centre). On occasion, the groups may come together for shared evenings, such as barbecues.


If you are interested and would like to know more, or if you’d like to see what goes on, I’d be delighted to hear from you – or you could ask to be pointed towards one of the group leaders mentioned in the weekly intimations sheet. Thanks!


Raymond Witty